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2023 Chinese New Year Dance Videos

Happy 2023 Chinese New Year! Look at these Dances

As we enter into the Year of the Rabbit, many Asian cultures will be celebrating the Chinese New Year. The Lunar New Year is a time for new beginnings, so what better way to start off 2023 than by sharing some beautiful dance videos from the Moonflower Performance Arts Group? These dances not only showcase the talent and artistry of the dancers, but they also provide a glimpse into different aspects of Asian culture. So whether you’re looking for some entertainment or want to learn more about this rich culture, here are three videos that are sure to delight. Happy viewing!

Moonflower Performance Arts Group celebrates the 2023 Chinese New Year with traditional dances

The beautiful and elegant production from the Moonflower Performance Arts Group for the 2023 Chinese New Year is truly something to behold. Their traditional dances, steeped in Chinese cultural heritage, are a joy to watch. From synchronized tai chi movements to colorful ribbon dances, each performance perfectly captures the spirit of this special celebration. Watching these talented dancers in action is an amazing experience that will stay with us for years to come!

The group has been together for over 4 years and meets in Austin, TX

Moonflower Performance Arts Group is an incredible dancer community located in Austin, TX that has been together and thriving for 4 years. Each year, the group creates unique and exceptional videos to share with their audience that highlight the joys of dance and connection. In celebration of 2023 Chinese New Year, Moonflower Performance Arts Group has crafted some truly amazing video pieces and we are delighted to present them to the public! Dancers and non-dancers alike can enjoy these uplifting works, upholding the spirit of this troupe in all their artistic endeavors.

These videos will be shared with tons of people

Sharing these amazing videos with the world is a great way to kickstart the 2023 Chinese New Year! Viewers will be in awe of the sheer beauty and talent that was put into making these videos and will be reminded of just how lucky they are to have been able to experience it. With the help of Moonflower Performance Arts Group, these videos will be shared with tons of people across the globe, allowing them to enjoy this special celebration in a one-of-a-kind way!

In this video, they perform the "Qipao Dance"

The “Qipao Dance” is an iconic celebration of the Chinese New Year and it has been performed for centuries. Performed by the esteemed Moonflower Performance Arts Group, this mesmerizing dance showcases traditional costumes, movements, and set pieces to honor ancient culture. This theatrical performance captures the vibrant energy of Chinese New Year and its heady mix of pageantry, theater and bursts of color. Watch our video to experience the magic of this awe-inspiring show for yourself!

Enjoy these beautiful performances and Happy New Year!

As 2023 Chinese New Year approaches, we are delighted to share the videos of beautiful performances by the Moonflower Performance Arts Group. Featuring riveting movements and intricate costumes, these traditional dances showcase the cultural heritage of this ancient celebration. Enjoy these stunning performances and have a happy and blessed new year!

We hope you have enjoyed our videos of Moonflower Performance Arts Group and their amazing traditional dances for the 2023 Chinese New Year! It’s amazing to see a group that has been together for 10+ years, performing all around the world, and winning numerous awards and accolades. Through their artistry and dedication to the craft of dance, they have been able to bring joy, good luck, and fortune to those who watch them. So if your organization is looking for high-caliber performance arts groups to help celebrate important occasions or holidays, consider giving Moonflower a call today! May this new year bring you great luck and fortune. Happy New Year!

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