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Video Production

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Value of Our Knowledge


Media Marketing Strategists
Expert Videographers

Superior Audio

  • Sennheiser MKE 600/ MKh-416 Shotgun Mic 
  • Sennheiser GH3 Wireless Lav and Mic Kit
  • Sennheiser GH4 Wireless Lav 
  • Tentacle sync timecode generators (4) and 32 bit lav (2)
  • Zoom F6 Field 32 Bit Recorder 
tentacle sync timecode generator + lav

Top Tier Lighting

  • Aputure 300D
  • Aputure 600D
  • Aputure Light storm 60x + spotlight
  • Aputure 200d
  • Nanlite Forza 60B
  • Nanlite Tube Lights (4)
  • Intellytech LED Panel light
  • (2) Nanlite Compac 100b bi-color light panels
  • 4×4 – 8×8 Diffusion Scrim

Expert Editing

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Apple Motion
  • Logic Pro
  • Adobe Lightroom

Movie Level Cameras


Our Cinema camera is the Ronin 4D 6k built with lots of batteries, recording straight to ssd, with pro res raw recording option.


Our Cameras are built out with V-mount batteries, camera monitors, and 528 GB SD cards. A7siii has unlimited record time. Each camera is built with an Atomos recorder. We have recorders to ensure your contents are backed while filming.

Comes with 4 batteries that provide 40+ minutes of flight time each. Wide angle lens to have 15mm focal length in the sky! ND filters to battle any sunny condition.

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