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Stop Wasting Time: Here’s Where You Should Record Your Podcast Now.

Looking to record your podcast? We provide 3 affordable options to jumpstart the creation process.

How to Have A Successful Video with our Post Production

In this blog I do not want to detail the many aspects of post production. I’d like to highlight our post production process collaborating with our clients. Our motto is “Your Brand. Your Story. Our Camera.” Through our workflow we are able to deliver what clients envision.

Capture Magic of SXSW 2024 with a Professional Videographer for Hire

SXSW 2024 is around the corner, we offer videographer services for live events. We bring what’s needed to deliver high quality video and audio content. Our rates are affordable and easy to understand for you to book our services then back to focusing on your event.

The Future of Video: Understanding Camera to Cloud Technology

Camera to Cloud is a post production benefit we offer our customers. We can upload footage to a cloud folder as we film it and we can livestream without a computer.
Camera to cloud allows an editor to edit the video as it’s being filmed, camera to cloud allows us to collaborate with editors of the customers choice.

Free Austin, TX Stock Footage For Social Media

We’re giving stock footage of Austin, TX in this link. Follow us on social media to know when the next posting is available.

We’re THE Choice for Multi-Cam Live Performance Video

Looking for high quality live performance video for your band? Comedy show? Give us a call today, we are priced affordably for your benefit.Watch some of the videos we’ve filmed this past summer and read about our passion combining our work with live performance.

Amazing Vertical Video Videographer for Hire!

Whether you are a real estate agent looking for spectacular footage of walkthroughs or an influencer wanting the latest trends captured on camera – we’ve got your back with our dynamic team of professional videographers. Read this blog post today to learn how Hen’s Bread can elevate your vertical video content!

Get Creative Results with Professional Corporate Video & Photo Work

Video and Photo shared corporate work

In today’s blog post, we would love to share how our process works and some examples of how these visuals have been used by our corporate clients for effective customer engagement. Keep reading for more insights into workflows related to generating custom photo/video content!

What goes into our pricing shown with Photos!

Introducing the Photos Video Production Service Cart – a revolutionary workflow solution for those who want top-of-the-line quality videos, with pricing that is not only competitive but also tailored specifically to their needs. Our cutting edge technology puts our gear packs in a collapsable cart, allowing us to be mobile and keep costs down for clients. This not only makes ordering easy, but also gives them access to high quality videos at unbeatable prices! Continue reading for more information about what goes into pricing with Photos!

Austin Music Love Gets Boost with Live Streaming

If you’re a musician, venue, or performer in Austin, then you probably already know how vibrant the music scene is. With hundreds of venues and countless performances every year, there’s no shortage of amazing talent. But recently, thanks to Hen’s Bread Productions and Austin Music Love working together to stream one of their backyard shows online, it looks like the music scene here is about to get even bigger! Read on for more information about this cool development that has musicians buzzing all over town.

Video Resizing – Free for Hen’s Bread Clients

For a limited time we are offering our clients a free video resizing for social media at no additional cost.

At Hen’s Bread, we are always looking for ways to better serve our clients. That’s why, until May 2023, we are offering video resizing at no additional cost. Just mention that you saw this in our blog post and we’ll take $175 off your final invoice. So if you’ve been meaning to update your website or create some engaging social media content, now is the perfect time! Video is a great way to connect with your audience, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Contact us today to get started.

Happy 2023 Chinese New Year! Look at these Dances

As we enter into the Year of the Rabbit, many Asian cultures will be celebrating the Chinese New Year. The Lunar New Year is a time for new beginnings, so what better way to start off 2023 than by sharing some beautiful dance videos from the Moonflower Performance Arts Group? These dances not only showcase the talent and artistry of the dancers, but they also provide a glimpse into different aspects of Asian culture. So whether you’re looking for some entertainment or want to learn more about this rich culture, here are three videos that are sure to delight. Happy viewing!

Product Innovation in Motion our 2023 Brand Message Video

Product Innovation is a central theme in our 2023 Brand Message Video. We see it everywhere: in the way our products are designed, how they are manufactured, and how we package and ship them out to our clients. By focusing on product innovation, we continue to improve the quality of our products while also making sure that they remain affordable for our clients. Our newest video showcases some of the innovative new products that will be available in the coming year. Take a look!

Carts, New Location, and Hiring Freeze – Update 

We’re trying to be more transparent with the client and consumer, this is how.

2 Years in Video Business…No Sign of Slowing Down!

celebrate 🎉

Thank you to our supporters and we look forward to where the future takes us! 2 years in business as a video production company, 🤯!