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Video Production and Photography Services based in Austin, TX. As can be seen a wide array of high quality content on a consistent basis. We’d be happy to feature the work we do for you here, but if it’s intended to be private, it’s okay. We understand and we won’t post it. 😁

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Video Marketing

Video Marketing Trends for 2022

We are going to go over 4 video marketing trends for 2022. Additionally, we will give some tips and tricks about how to make your video content super effective.

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Expanding Market

An Expanding Market, Disc Golf, Love the Camera’s On

Disc Golf is one of the newest trends out of the COVID 19 pandemic to grow. We see an expanding market and are happy to work with Black Zombie Disc Golf. Disc Golf has sincerely impressed us and I want to let you in this upcoming industry boom.

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Wedding Videographer

A Forecasted Long Life of Love and Happiness: Wedding Videographer

We wish Daleth and Ben a life of love and happiness, married 9/24/21 at “The Mansion” in Austin, TX. When we were called in as wedding videographer we jumped at the chance to capture their special moment. Additionally we provided a live stream service for their family to view the wedding from states away.

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New Equipment

New Equipment We’re Ready to Use On Video Testimonials

Our friend Ronnie Sokol “Co-Owner Amigo Booth” made a bounce board, perfect for video testimonials. We are happy to share new equipment made by our friend. A Bounce board will allow shadows to come across the face with a professional lighting setup. Shadows will be able to show more definition to facial features. We’re really happy to be able to use this equipment when the creative style asks for it.

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Drone Crash (Funny Video)

The month of August has been busy for Hen’s Bread Production! There has been wedding videos, small business commercials, business presentations, a video education course!

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Video Editor

The Video Editor Creates A Surprising Client Presentation

As long as there is video being made a video editor will be needed. Here at Hen’s Bread Productions we pride ourselves with being a one stop but recently we had an advertising agency out in California hired us for a video edit of their client presentation. In the hope to gather more work from this agency in the future we stepped up to finish the video edit within a short timeline.

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