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Hen’s Bread Productions is inspired by a story my grandma would read me, “The Little Red Hen.” In the story, the hen asks all the farm animals if they would like to help making bread. The farm animals say, “No, we’re too busy.” The  baked bread smelt so good that the animals who said, “no” before, come ask if they can have bread. The hen says, “no, because you didn’t help.”

And I would tell that story to talent before I started my business and they immediately understood, the more you put in is the more you get out. 

One day I was talking with a friend and I said, “I really like this Hen’s Bread name…” and here we are…

Familiar Crew

Jacob Perkins Producer at Hen's Bread

Jacob Perkins, Owner/Producer/ Editor/Camera Operator of Hen’s Bread Productions.

Photographer Austin TX Ming Chen

Ming Chen, Occasional Photographer at Hen’s Bread Productions.

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