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2022 Office Tour

2022 Office Tour: Our Warehouse Space and New Office

Welcome to our office tour for 2022. This year we have made some big changes, including expanding into a new office space and warehouse. Our new office allows us to film with better light due to higher ceilings and wider space for camera arrangement. We also have more storage space for props and equipment. Thank you for taking the time to check out our office!

2022 Office Tour (360 Video)

We moved into a warehouse on E St. Elmo Rd in March. At our previous office the main tenants decided to move to a different location due to rent increase. This caused us to think fast, and reach out to find a workable solution. We reviewed many options, but landed on the best one yet. We now have an office space and studio space at 2101 E ST Elmo Rd STE 335, Austin, TX, 78744.

The reason why we love this space is because we now have tall ceilings allowing more control over lighting. The space is much bigger to allow more camera angle options. With more space we can take more unique photo portraits and more headpiece video segments at the convenience of the customer. To schedule your project please block some time off our schedule

We made a youtube video touring our office utilizing our 360 camera. As you can see as a consumer you can see our working arrangement without getting in the car here. If you’re a business consider hiring us for our 360 video and photography service to better service your customers.

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