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Short Form Content

We are able to take your video and edit content for social media. This page is updated with shorts we make. Our portfolio can be found here.

I was telling my grandpa how I price video production service and he said, “You should make a commercial so people can see the product.” So…here it is! Our video production service cart comes packed with what you need for the day. We make it easy on our customers. Buying the cart package is like buying cereal off the shelf, a fixed price and you know what you’re getting.

To bring in more business on Tuesdays we did this impromptu livestream. We set aside a series of benefits that would entice customers to book us on Tuesday, this weeks spin says 10% off jobs booked for this Tuesday. My wife stays home from work on Tuesdays so this is way for us to generate buzz so I can film more on Tuesdays.

Krista booked us for two days, one day was focused on creating scripted content for social media. The other was for a speaking arrangement the next day. We turned in a folder of youtube size and social sized content. She was great to work with and we hope to see her do big things over the years.

Bringing in the new year with our host Miguel Barvosa. We are testing out our new equipment that allows us to upload video as we film it. Our youtube video is with Madame Beese, she was a good sport and a pleasure to have on the show. You can check her out at her website.

We traveled all the way to Goldthwaite, TX to film Swift Current’s ribbon cutting event. Our delivery was a b-roll video (video with clips that show the audience context), a narrative video to post on their linkedin, and a drone montage B-roll video. Give us a call today to have a licensed drone operator capture views from above.

We got the call to film Dr. Gohel’s website videos. Her optometrist office opened in November and wanted digital content to share. We filmed three website videos, and with soundbites available we created social media content. Give us a call today to provide your new website a video quote.

With our new equipment for filming vertical videos we turned a real estate video  filmed vertically and horizontally. The client will be able to have one for web and for social. On top of that we animated their logo for future use.

A previous client from a year ago called up, because their client needed someone to manage a live stream for a drone show. We were that someone, full team, 1 drone operator, 2 camera operators, and a live stream director. Being able to do events like this at the Q2 stadium is all surreal. 

Working with The Original Black’s BBQ is like having a brother who is the most popular kid in school. When we go places The Original Black’s BBQ turns heads, this time it turned the heads of Andy Reid and Clark Hunt.

Filming Corporate America

Working with Webforce HQ for their new hiring video. Webforce HQ is a CRM software specializing in the health industry. Read about the work we did with them here.

25th Annual Weiner Dog Race

The Buda Lions Club throws on a huge weiner dog race in Buda, TX. This event was like ACL music fest but with weiner dogs. Thank you Buda Lions Club for your awesome hospitality having us at your event.

Show Me Pizza Sign

When I was pitching the idea of show me pizza to make some videos for them, I knew that it would be a trade. They didn’t have any video content on their website at the time, but now they do. And not just any videos, but testimonies from happy customers and even a banner video on their homepage.

2022 Office Tour

We moved into a new office that we show off utilizing our 360 camera. We also show off our new USB thumbdrives for sale. 

Drone Crash

Our client hired us as videographer for their engagement proposal. He had asked us to see if we had the ability to drop rose petals from the sky on the drone. We hadn’t found a video explaining how to do it and there’s a reason why people don’t drop rose petals from a DJI Mavic 2 drone. Watch the video and prepare to laugh.

Last Laugh

We headed to Austin’s City Wide Vintage Garage Sale in this episode of Pulse on The Street. We hear about rocks, traffic, fashion prices and an upcoming collectors event! Plus Miguel Barvosa barters with Marty while they hunt for treasures together at the sale.

Filming With Less Stuff

When quoting an estimate for a client we try to gage how much “stuff” we need. We like using stuff, like lights, mics, and stabilizers. But when we’re trying to create content, we like using less to do more. Recently we’ve added a DJI OSMO 5 which is a stabilizer for your phone and its been easy using what’s in our pocket to create content.

Austin Half Marathon Reel

We filmed the Austin Half Marathon with our Osmo Gimbal. It’s an event we hold very close to ourselves, and it means a lot that you guys were there for all those runners! If your cheering helped get them across town better than ever before then please send us an email or give us call so we can thank ya properly (Offer expires 4/30/22.) We wrote about it here.

Wise Advise from Waka Flocka Flame

In January 2021, we were able to meet Waka Flocka Flame at an event we filmed for Austin’s DJ Chow. Waka Flocka was a real down to earth guy, that was a life of the green room. We were able to snag a clip and we turned it into a reel. Video from the show listed below.

How Much "Light" Video Production Costs

We are doing a couple home page videos for one of our favorite clients, “The Original Black’s BBQ“. We made this reel because it is hard to price creativity, so we wanted to show one half of the equation, showing up. We are currently editing the final product. When it is finished you will be able to watch below.

"This is A Trash Can!"

The Pulse On The Street segment on our youtube channel was a great way to provide entertainment and insight into people in Austin’s opinions. Hosted by Miguel Barvosa, shot and edited by Jacob Perkins.

Genesis Drum & Bugle Course

This is a reel we made for our client, Genesis Drum & Bugle Corps. Genesis, is a drum core from Austin, TX. We did a 34 video online educational course on how to be a drum major. We made this reel out of content already made and it had garnered over 15+ new sign ups, 50+ shares and saves. This provided a greater return than facebook ads and it was easy for us to share.

Don't Focus On The Numbers

January 2022 Jacob Perkins was asked to be on the Open Shutter Live Podcast. There was a discussion about entrepreneurship, creating, finding clients, ect. They were kind enough to share the video file for us to make mini-segments out of it. 

Thinking About Lunch...

Back in September 2021 we traveled to The Denver BBQ Festival with The Original Black’s BBQ. They have the best central Texas BBQ we’ve ever had! We utilized our slider to get some of that mouth-watering, smoked to perfect, juicy BBQ. Full video is shown below!

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