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Most Frequent questions

Yes, but we add 20% convenience charge of the total service.

We charge $500 per finished minute for a maximum of 5 minutes. If your project goes beyond 5 minutes we add a day rate of $800. A finished minute includes mix/master audio, color correction/coloring footage, light animations, transitions, and effective story telling.

We created a product easy for the customer to understand and utilize. We’ll continue innovating accessible video production service for our customers.

Cancellations cost us money whether it be the contracted staff or potential loss of work. We can reschedule at no additional cost, but if there is a cancellation within a 7 day window 50% of the deposit is kept.

Our team specializes in the production of  multi camera recordings, live streaming video, and fast in-house editing service.

It is in our best interest to work smarter and more efficiently so that we can take on another project. It depends on the scope of the job, but most projects are completed within a 15 business day window.

Our video production page is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about our equipment, what it’s capable of and why we use specific cameras. We list all the Sony models that relate specifically with each camera type so users can get an idea before determining whether or not this will meet their needs!

Once we agree on the scope of the project we ask production costs are paid as a deposit. Post Production (editing) is paid for after you receive your finished contents.

We are a team that specializes in final cut video editing. Our work is made possible with Apple’s professional software, which we love to use! We are certified professionals having taken this e-learning course.

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