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With a team of small-business professionals, we provide customers with personalized service and attention to detail. We are not limited by the clock, so if you need us to do something that is outside our scope then just let me know and I’ll get someone who can help out. And Our team is knowledgeable in every stage of the production process. We take pride and enjoy working with you from start to finish!

Yes! Just talk to us and we will work with you.

Our team specializes in the production of entertaining content, documentaries and multi camera recordings. We want to start growing our product video business by executing marketing strategies that will create profits for partners like you!

It is in our best interest to work smarter and more efficiently so that we can take on another project. It depends on the scope of the job, but most projects are completed within a 15 day window.

Our video production page is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about our equipment, what it’s capable of and why we use specific cameras. We list all the Sony models that relate specifically with each camera type so users can get an idea before determining whether or not this will meet their needs!

The stream is operated off a  Mac Book Pro that is equipped with high-end specifications that ensure the quality of your live video feed. This includes multiple SSD hard drives to save HD streams, Rode and Senheisser microphones for excellent audio capture capabilities offsite as well black magic ATEM mini allowing up 4 feeds at once from one location using wireless transmitters like those made by Holland Wireless transmitter company Incorporated. We have a mobile router if we feel like we need to provide internet connection for the feed.

Once we agree on the scope of the project we ask production costs are paid as a deposit. Post Production (editing) is paid for after you receive your finished contents.

Media Marketing Strategy is a service where we create content with specific direction. This plan Guides the development and distribution of more than one video, which are all marked out on schedule to be executed throughout your campaign period.

With 360 Video, your audience can experience everything from the comfort and safety of their own home. They get an up-close look at what you have in store for them without ever having to leave!
The best part about this technology? It’s accessible no matter where they are – which means there will always be someone ready when requests come flooding through our doorsteps..

We are a team that specializes in final cut video editing. Our work is made possible with Apple’s professional software, which we love to use! We are certified professionals having taken this e-learning course.

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