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Captured Lightning in a Photo! A Storm Helped Create This Beautiful Photo

Being right feels like laying in your bed after a long day. It’s just one of the best feelings you can have. At least for me. Sometimes I forget what certain emotions feel like. Like a month ago my speedlight fell because the wind knocked it over and I hadn’t felt angry for a long time. When emotions come back to you they’re tied to the time period because something made you feel that way.

Earlier in the month there was this storm that to my knowledge came out of nowhere. I was winding down on a Friday night, then all of a sudden lightning crashes, rain is coming down so hard you can hear it “ding” on metal surfaces. and my big idea was to go out in the middle of the storm and get a photo of lightning crashing.

I don’t know what came over me, but I grabbed my tent to hide under and my camera gear and I climbed to the top of a hill, set up the tent with the wind pushing and the rain pouring just to do one thing. I wanted to come home with a photo of lightning crashing. I was determined. 

When I was up there trying to time the lightning crashing with my finger over the click button people were out and about. Not a lot of them, but there were other crazy people too. Now since I had a tent, I’d invite people to stand under it, but then I became incredibly focused. Because what I found taking photos of lightning is it moves incredibly fast and unpredictable. So, I’m focuses, the other people are under the tent talking amongst themselves. I am dead quiet. Then, out of a sudden a CRASH! I push the click button, and immediately a shield of happiness came over me. I did it! That feeling of getting your crushes number, that rush of joy just shot up. I was determined to get it and I did. I absolutely loved fighting the storm to take photos that I will always remember my time and the people I met. I will never forget that feeling and thankfully I have a photo to remember the story if I ever need one to tell. 

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Jacob Perkins Owner/Producer
Videographer and Photographer based out in Austin, TX