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Carts, New Location, and Hiring Freeze – Update 

We’re trying to be more transparent with the client and consumer, this is how. 

Hen’s Bread Productions started November 2020 with a dream to be able to love going into work everyday. I would take on each and every job. I would tell people, we do everything, but I don’t like doing weddings, with a few light laughs after. 

Now Hen’s Bread is developing more of an identity out in the community. We’re talking to consumers who pay for video deliverables. We’re talking to people who want to work with us. It’s been an ongoing conversation to find out where Hen’s Bread is. I hope this clears up where we are.


Carts is a new idea I want to introduce to the public, starting at $3,000 the client gets 2 cameras, basic 3 point lighting, and audio for 1 day filming. I’ve found our work when getting to the higher budgets caused me to pack the truck up to the brim. This was a huge distraction for the client when it came to setup and was highly unorganized for filming. 

I believe carts solve a lot of issues.


Who are intended audience is, I want to bring video production to middle america. In order to do that we specialize working in the corporate work and small business space. As a small business owner, I understand a lot of needs in generating buzz around the name.

It’s hard to keep the attention of the public, luckily we can help, give us a call if that rings true to you.

Hiring Freeze

Why we broadcasted we were hiring, because we truly were, but the applications that came in didn’t fit the project requirements at the time. From my 2 years in business I have seen, December – Feb be slower for us. This and economic uncertainty we will be putting a hiring freeze. At this moment we have resumes from qualified people to tackle our forecasted projects. If still interested, please send me an email or give me a call, I love talking shop.

But I want to wish all you freelancers good luck out there, I know the struggles.


I want to thank all of our clients and future clients, because we’re just getting started. Our new office is 823 Congress Ave. STE 300, Austin, TX, 78701 available by appointment only.

Any Questions?