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How to Connect with younger Twitter Audiences in 2022

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NFT Your Business Logo

The benefits outweigh the risk

As a business owner, you may be wondering how to connect with younger Twitter audiences in 2022. This can be a difficult question to answer, as predicting future trends is never easy. However, by looking at current trends and considering what young people value most, we can make some educated guesses about how to reach them on Twitter. Keep in mind that things are always changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and adjust your strategy accordingly. But if you want to start connecting with younger Twitter audiences now, here is a great idea to get you started.

The way that turning your business logo into an NFT will connect with younger audiences in 2022 is by making you look special on Twitter. What I’ve learned doing video production is people just want to feel like they’re the only ones seeing things or have something no one else does, which can be accomplished through this platform of social media! When connecting your NFT instead of a round frame twitter turns it into a  hexagon-which not only gives off cooler vibes but also looks more modern.

Marketing Tips

Its More Than Just Vanity

Understanding Trends is "Hip"

To be considered “hip”, I think it’s necessary to know what you are doing. Turning your business logo into an NFT takes research and knowledge about emerging markets; these things make for cool people – those who come prepped with all the tools on hand at any given moment (or maybe just happen upon them).

Twitter is big, but it can also feel intimidating. The community of pioneers on Twitter are tight-knit and love welcoming newcomers into their circle! If you’re not feeling welcomed there take some time to get know the culture by following influencers in your niche or taking part in trending hashtags that interest YOU. First step to connecting with a Twitter audience in 2022 is using Twitter.

Below I will add a video on the post, but also show a step by step process. I have created screenshots and a video for you to reference. I start the process 3:38 into the video.

What Could Be the Risk?

Short answer... maybe $50

The risk of losing money in the beginning is small when compared to what can happen if you don’t know how crypto works. The worst case scenario for an investor who buys Ethereum and then cannot access their digital wallet? They could lose what’s in their digital wallet.

You can’t afford to lose access your digital wallet and you should always be careful with important information. When I went into Mint Hens Bread’s logo as an NFT, they had $50 in there for me! The best thing we recommend doing is moving slow so that it doesn’t feel too overwhelming or difficult – just take one step at time.”

How to Add my NFT to Twitter

Let's go through the steps

To turn your logo into an NFT, go on Opensea and create an account.

You can make a logo collection to insert your company’s branding.

open sea crypto

What you should be seeing is a form of information you are titling your collection. You are not running into risk filling out this form. Keep your Blockchain dropdown on Ethereum. 

open sea create a collection

Once you have created your collection select “Add Item.”

Crypto create collection

Add your logo image, add information you would like baked into your brand’s image. Website, about us, contact information. Why? Because it doesn’t hurt.

NFT Creation

Great you have created an NFT! Easy right? Now you need to connect your digital wallet in order to transfer your NFT. Once you have your NFT in your digital wallet you connect your digital wallet to Twitter.

Minting NFT

Create your digital wallet using Metamask. I would also set upi our phone app version at the same time so your logged in.

Digital Wallet Metamask
Transfer NFT

Your digital wallet will be a long series of numbers that is middle of the app/extension to be able to copy and paste into opensea.

If you have done it write you will see the cost to transfer your NFT to your digital wallet.

Transfer NFT
3 step twitter nft upload

Once you have transferred your NFT to your digital wallet. Join Twitter Blue, then edit your profile and change your profile image. On mobile I was able to connect my Metamask digital wallet.

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