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Happy Baby with her Mom

New Born Photography Services Available in Austin, TX

COVID Babies is a thing! This past month we have 4 scheduled little ones/new born photo sessions and they keep coming up! Austin Photographer about to WORK! Luckily, we enjoy taking photos and our goal is to turn in the best photos you’ve ever received. A Family Photographer in Austin, ready to serve Texas. What I, as a photographer, enjoy about taking photos is capturing that memory, the glimpse in time and providing that long lasting happiness. There are personal photos of mine that immediately take me back to the day they happened then there are photos that my family will have a story circled around that give more context. Sometimes I feel like the story would never have been told if they didn’t have a photo to reference. 


This is a reason why Hen’s Bread Productions does both photography and video work, it’s because I genuinely enjoy doing it. We’re happy to work for you and hope to build relationships that can last for years to come. 

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Jacob Perkins Owner/Producer
Videographer and Photographer based out in Austin, TX