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The Video Editor Creates A Surprising Client Presentation

Video Editor Services

As long as there is video being made a video editor will be needed. Here at Hen’s Bread Productions we pride ourselves with being a one stop but recently we had an advertising agency out in California hired us for a video edit of their client presentation. In the hope to gather more work from this agency in the future we stepped up to finish the video edit within a short timeline. Additionally we didn’t have much content to work with to create a video.

Making the Client Presentation

Despite only having a folder of 20 images with limited knowledge in the industry we pulled it off. Our client had told us to create “a 30 second visual presentation with photos to choose from”. The industry was in plastic molding with unique vocabulary terms and curious machines. Given that we were given a folder with 1 video clip I opted to start there and find the time remaining. As the video was put on the timeline the intro card was created to show we needed to fill up 20 more seconds. 

Adding Energy to an edit

The 30 second edit took about 3 hours to complete as a rough demo to present to the client. Together with their notes we were able to decided creating a minute presentation was a better decision. To give time to the viewer to digest the information and be engaged with the product the additional edits took 3 more hours. We threw in an upbeat song with hip transitions and sound effects to provide further texture to the final product.

Being a Remote Editor

Part of our job at Hen’s is being an ad agency ourselves. We need to have a sense of what sells and how to maintain a viewers attention. Having no experience in plastic molding we utilized the internet to educate ourselves on the subject. By the same token our video editing skills provided solutions instead of delay. The client had a 24 hour due date and we were able to accomplish that with little content. All things considered, we’re proud of the work turned in. If interested in hiring a remote video editor please contact us as we have skilled editors ready to work.

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