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Video Submission X2 “I Cut So Much You Thought I Was A DJ”

Here at Hen’s Bread Productions we love to work with other creatives the reason being is because it’s just fun. Our client DJ Pat Luv “Your Dj’s Favorite DJ”, wanted something that rings true to who he is as an artist. He wanted something to show he has been out here for over 30 years DJ’ing Texas. When I first met Pat, I asked him what his goals are and he told me he wants to be a national radio broadcast DJ. Here at Hen’s Bread Productions all we want to do is catapult your dreams and enhance your vision. To put our editors to the test we wanted 2 projects submit within 48 hours time. Our editor Miguel, had fun editing his video and I know I enjoyed editing mine. What he delivered we are proud of and we hope you like it. What is impressive to us is Miguel did not shoot the video and was able to deliver a quality project in record time.