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Genesis Drum and Bugle

The Biggest Secret Project Completed, is Now Online!

Our Biggest Secret

Now that the secret project we’ve worked on is available here, we’d like to talk about it. First off, thank you Genesis Drum and Bugle for believing in Hen’s Bread Productions. When we sat down for the interview on the job we were enthusiastic to bring video to online education. By the same token we’re still enthusiastic about this project now that it is done. Identically how Hen’s Bread furthered its videography education online we wanted to that for someone else.It’s with Genesis’s trust and patience we were able to craft the project we had envisioned we can make. Secondly, we’d like to thank the people that have assisted Hen’s Bread complete this project. A big thank you goes to Sean Smart and Skyler Moore, with their help we were to complete all aspects off the project.

What went into the project

For the purpose of creating an online video course for people around the world to access and further their passion, we worked tirelessly. Notably, Genesis wanted video, with photo’s illustrating text graphics. In fact what was created, had not been done before. What we knew we had to do was bring the best quality work then we knew we could sculpt the end project. Skyler Moore helped with the photography aspect for the graphics, Sean Smart, then took text and created a visually pleasing image. Then Hen’s Bread was onsite of Genesis’s summer training camp for 2 weeks, edited down in a 2 month time period. 

What's Next

As much as we’d love to geek out on every blood, sweat, and tears put into this project, we’d rather encourage you to view it for yourself. Remember in high school seeing the conductor for marching band? Have you ever wondered what that person is really doing? It’s amazing the amount of talent and skill you have to have to be able to control a 150 group of people to play in unison where the audience hears a finished sound. 

What blew our minds in the beginning is realizing how slow sound really moves. Drum major’s are watching the feet of the drum line because speed of light is faster than sound and the battery (drum line) is the backbone of the whole sound. In our videos created we demonstrate how sound moves slow with immediate examples! 

What we pulled off is amazing, but what is more amazing is that now it’s accessible to people that may not have had a resource previously to show them how cool it really is. Check it out, we’ll post a youtube video for our thoughts later in the month.