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new hire clay kiatta

New Hire Has A Bright Promising Future – Hen’s Bread Productions

Promising New Hire

New hire Clay Kiatta is a driven young man out to make an impact in small business marketing. When he called Hen’s Bread this summer we loved his enthusiasm. What makes Clay a good fit for Hen’s Bread is his willingness to learn. As he was on set for the last couple projects he was able to contribute to discussions with thoughtful insights. By the same token is successful at retaining new information to apply on future jobs.

What makes a great investment

When hiring a new employee at Hen’s Bread Video Production it requires money to train/establish a foundation and trust to handle expensive equipment. Clay has shown he will be a great investment for Hen’s Bread because his ability to adapt. When handed the opportunity to manage high end video production equipment, Clay, handled it securely and safely. Surprisingly, as a contractor Clay performed above better than previous contractors. Enthusiasm for knowledge and teamwork is a core value at Hen’s Bread Productions and I was able to see that in Clay.

Where you'll See Clay

For the most part you’ll find Clay shadowing Jacob Perkins on job sites and meetings. Ultimately the goal is to have Clay be a number two allowing Hen’s to scale bigger to run 2 job sites at once. Even as a current employee, there is a long road to be a valuable long term investment. When Clay gets his bearings in video production you might find him running his own division or job project in Spring 2022. We feel as if we are over-estimating and have complete confidence in his ability to help build Hen’s Bread Productions as a top tier video production company in Texas. In short we want to congratulate our new hire and give the expectation a new face will be present. Clay’s background is a Bachelors in Advertising from Texas Tech class of ’20. Hen’s Bread Production’s future will eventually expand to marketing and social media services for small businesses. We look forward to sharing what we have in store once the foundation has been built.