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There is a school in Austin I have worked with a couple times. One time they needed video, guiding parents trough their learning process. This was a 7 part video with multiple camera setups, professional lighting, teleprompter, and reliable sound quality. I had a great time working with Acton Academy in south Austin that when we met I suggested school photos for their student’s parents and out of all the ideas that came flying out that day that one happened to stick. Fast forward to the last week in June 2021 I had gone out there to take photos of kids and whole class and it was a great success. With setup and takedown it took a total of 2 hours. What I was most excited for on this project was utilizing our new photography data base “Pixieset”. With Pixieset I am able to upload photos and someone can buy them without hassle of waiting on a response it’s set up to be able to be completed by the customer  all within a couple minutes, no login’s, no hassle. 

What is exciting is that without any communication from me to the parents, there are parents making purchases getting digital download immediately after without Acton’s watermark. It’s completely incredible and I believe, as a brand we should offer digital projects to help boost Hen’s Bread Productions revenue. With the success of the first school photos I’ve done I look forward to the next. I am excited to keep adapting to the modern times and thinking of new ways to gain customers.


I absolutely love Pixieset, I think it is a must for photographers for a lot of reasons, but the big reason is because how easy it is to view on a phone. Going forward all Hen’s Bread clients will receive their photo collection via pixieset to create a more effortless process for the customers viewing their photos. If you are interested in trying pixieset for yourself use my link and get $10 off your subscription.