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Woah Huge Results for wedding Live Stream

Live Streaming Results off the Charts! Worldwide Entertainment

Personally, I feel as if live streaming is the direction in which middle of the road entertainment is going. I feel live streaming services is going be more normal because of the pandemic. For that reason Hen’s Bread Productions invests in high quality live streaming equipment to be offered as a premium service for weddings, conferences, brand awareness, ect. I come from a background in broadcast so utilizing a camera operator with internet programs is something that becomes pretty easy for me to configure and teach. End of June we covered a wedding for a beautiful couple, but their family was spread all over the world, Australia, Philippines, and India. What we at Hen’s Bread Productions had offered was a multi cam setup with a stream link readily available to be shared with family 24 hours in advance. I had felt proud we had successfully showcased to a family that couldn’t be present with reliable and intimate audio of the event with multiple angles to view the ceremony. There was a visible chat to get real time feedback with the family members. The father of the bride at the end of the wedding let me know “I am happy with your services”. As a business owner, those are the best words I can hear because it means my team has done their job successfully. What made it different this time is instead of waiting for the final result, the live streaming provided immediate feedback. That is where we are going, anything that provides instant satisfaction is where the future goes because that’s what people want. People want their products and they want it now. Hen’s Bread realizes this, and next time you are thinking of having a live stream setup remember us and how we can make your vision come to life for the world to see.


In this image I want to show how far your event can go. I created a page on my website where people can go to tune into the wedding live stream service. These numbers I see are absolutely incredible and it shows the power of sharing a website url.