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DJ Chow Waka Flocka Video Live Music Performance

Earlier in the month of January, our friend DJ Chow, was opening up for Waka Flocka at ACL Live, the Moody Theater. By positive word of mouth we were recommended to document the night. There was high energy, great chemistry, and a lot of footage to sort through. We were instructed to create a documentary video, but since we were in the action we couldn’t just settle with one video. While reviewing the footage and an original mix provided by DJ Chow we wanted to create a “Hype” video of the night, that’s what this is. While filming this I want to make it clear, this was a dream come true for me as a videographer. This is what I want to specialize in is live events and to do it at such a beautiful-historic theater I was in wow from beginning to end. We hope you like the video and are looking forward to releasing Part 2 later this week. Huge thank you for DJ Chow for giving us the opportunity and we look forward to the next one!


If you want to download the LUTS we created in the footage you can download them here for free!