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Indian Wedding Austin TX

Full Team Coverage! ATX Local Wedding Videographer

Golly, this feels good to turn in. The client gave us grace on the expected delivery due to 2 week filming with Genesis, so I basically was playing catch up this week on editing the video to start working on the next project. This wedding edit was different from the last because our client wanted the whole thing as an edit. She didn’t want an 8 minute cut, her cut turned out to be a little less than an hour. And I get it because she has family all over the world that weren’t able to come out due to COVID. The video edit took somewhere between 12-14 hours, with photo edits I needed to do, this was a full work week watching the footage, editing photos, speaking with the client, and finding audio tracks for the finished video.

Weddings are a lot of work but it feels good to turn in good work. I could not have done so without such a stellar team. I was lucky enough to contract Skyler Moore  to handle the photography side of the project. Even though he would be considered competition for me, I don’t really care saying this, he is a great photographer and will take care of you. He has the equipment, comes prepared, on time, and little-to-no direction needed. Would be happy to work with him in the future anytime. Then I had a really talented videographer Brian Gomez, out from Southern California, to help me with video coverage. I was really fortunate to afford him on our team too because he turned in steady video footage, he was able to get many perspectives, and his suggestions helped the live stream run smoothly. 

What was probably the best moment for me was working my partner Alexandra. She helps me everyday on the back end of the business but working with her on a service I provide to customers is a dream come true because we can pay ourselves and I knew it would be something she would be good at. Now, her biggest gripe working at weddings is what kind of wedding are we going to have 🤦‍♂️ . I love it though and I feel really happy and proud how big Hen’s Bread Productions has grown in less than a year.