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Positive Write Up about Hen's Bread Productions

Silver Award Baby! Video Production Write-Up

Professional video production company in Austin, TX just got some props! We were featured in a write up on influencive.com. When I was interviewed I told the interviewee we are story driven based production company with goals of being the best event videographers.The questions were simple because all my answers came from the heart. I expressed how I love doing what I do everyday and how I want Hen’s to grow into a safe space for creative minds to grow before embarking in creating their own video productions company. The write up link will be posted at the bottom, but this is what the other had to say about us.

“Inspired by the children’s story of the Little Red Hen, Hen’s Bread Productions is at its core a collaborative organization. In the story, the little red hen asks the other farm animals for help making bread, and is denied until the rest of the animals smell how good it is. When they come to the hen asking for some of the delicious bread, they are turned away because of their refusal to help.

This story resonates with Jacob Perkins because he is entirely self-taught. “When you’re poor, you can’t pay someone to do it so I had to… figure it out for my own projects”. Perkins is eager to help mentor other young professionals interested in video production, knowing what the other farm animals did not: supporting burgeoning talent can pay off big time in the long run.”

I feel really good about being heard and am motivated to get out there and create more content. Want to see the full write-up? Click here.