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Hen’s Bread: How to Get Clients, SEO, and Start a Business

Who is Open Shutter Live Podcast?

When I started the Hen’s Bread Twitter account, I followed accounts linked to our business. Paul Yeghouchian is a photographer based in Ontario, Canada, who I followed. After interacting with one other once again, he invited me to the show to discuss my area of expertise.

What's On the Podcast?

On The Open Shutter Live Photography Podcast, Hen’s Bread shares how they get clients, SEO, and start their business. Photography is a competitive field. It takes more than just taking pictures to be successful. You need to find ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. Hen’s Bread has done a great job of this by becoming a full-service photography company. They offer video production and videography services in addition to traditional photography services. This allows them to attract a wider range of clients and provide more value for their services.

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Where you can Find this Episode

We’ve created a short reel with a soundbite and a link to the embedded portion of the episode here.

Open Shutter Live Podcast

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