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New Modern Standard, Creating Name Recognition – Hen’s Bread Podcast

Hen's Bread Podcast

Hi, I am excited to announce the Hen’s Bread Podcast, a laid back, business focused, weekly podcast. As a video production company in Austin, TX, we work with a lot of cool people and we get to know them really well. When I do video projects with clients I like to get to know them. By asking how they started, and understanding where they want to be. I’ve come to find I get to develop a friendship with nearly all our previous clients.

Creating Name Recognition

What I’d like to accomplish with this podcast is create a fireside chat amongst our guests so you as a listener can hear amazing entrepreneur stories. I want our guests to tell people “I was on the Hen’s Bread Podcast” so now more people know of Hen’s Bread. I also want videographers to hear how their skills positively impacts businesses and local leaders. Please consider subscribing, rating, and sharing. This idea started as this would be fun to do and I want to keep it that way with 20-35 minute podcast episodes and casual conversations.

What to Expect

Although I am a local business leader I talk to everyone like I would to my family and friends. I do curse on the podcast. I will be trying to emulate something I can share with my grandma. I am not perfect, but I think if you can stomach the rolling conversations the listener will be able to pick out gems. Our current list of episodes out is a small taste of what’s to come. We already have 3 podcast recorded on top of the 2 we have released and each conversation they get better and better. Check below of where to find the podcast.

How Can I be on the podcast?

If you are wondering to yourself how come I haven’t been asked to be on the podcast? It’s probably because the podcast is still developing. There are main pillars we are trying to establish. Right now the podcast guests are going to be our clients and friends, but that doesn’t mean something won’t change. If interested in being on the podcast please contact us. Thank you!