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Metricool Social Media Tool

How Metricool Helped Us Focus on the Work and Distanced Us from Our Phones

Metricool has been a lifesaver for our team. It allows us to focus on the work at hand and not be glued to our phones. Metricool is a social media management tool that helps you track all of your social media accounts in one place. You can see how your posts are performing, get insights into your audience, and even schedule posts! We were recently featured on UpCity website as a case study and we highly recommend you use their tool to manage your social media accounts!

To run a successful video production business, you need to focus on your clients’ brands and stories. But you also need to share your own company’s story. The best way to do this is by using Metricool. It’s affordable, the analytics are easy to read and they provide a lot of detail. I also love that it’s easy to sync Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It only took me five minutes to do so.

There are recommendations on when to post using a heat map of a weekly calendar. This is a really useful charting future posts. I recommend signing up with our affiliate link and you’ll get a discount on your sign up. At Hen’s Bread productions, we recommend this social media tool.

UpCity is a directory of experts in specific fields. Recently they asked our opinion on social media managing tools, and we only had good things to say about Metricool. Check out their article to see their findings on Metricool and compare it to the opinions of other experts.


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