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How to Give Your Patient a 5 Star Experience: Our Work at the Clear Correct Convention

When Clear Correct came to us and asked us to film their upcoming convention, we knew it was going to be a lot of work. But we also knew that it would be worth it. After all, the topic of the conference was “How to give your patient a 5 star experience.” And that is exactly what we did! Our team worked hard to capture all the action and excitement of the event, and we are proud to say that our video submission was turned in on time and met all requirements.

In late March we got a call to cover a convention at Hotel Ella. Clear Correct wanted full day coverage, two 4k cameras, one photographer, one 2/3 minute landing page video with the emphasis on “hype”, raw content. We suggested using light panels for the speaker and audio coverage. Our full service quote for all this was $6885. In this video we’ll show the benefit of allowing Hen’s Bread to cover your event.

Corporate Video

Convention Photos

We gave our customer a 5-star experience because we understood what they wanted. We sent 20 photos within 3 days of the event and communicated with them constantly. We worked with them on revision requests. HQ asked for a variation with a different song, and we were happy to oblige. This is the benefit of working with a local company because we want your project to succeed so we work with all requests.

Our landlord has asked to keep 1 google listing at our studio 2101 E St Elmo Rd, Austin, TX, 78744.

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