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Captivating Product Video With Celis Brewery As The Star!

Working with A Local

Product Video 🎥

When we reached out to Celis Brewery in late December, they were happy with our previous collaboration and agreed that creating a video for under $100 would be great content on social media. The deal was they donate the materials and whatever content we create they can utilize for themselves!

Product Video with Style

Community pushing forward

We’re always excited to see new opportunities for growth and partnerships, but when a client approaches us with only product video content in mind we felt left out. We decided that instead of letting these chances slip by like past buses on the street corner (missed) or waiting until they come knocking at our door again someday soon – which could be years from now depending how busy things go-we would rather make sure there is something available now!

It was a no-brainer for us when we were asked to create an ad around Celis Brewery’s “White Lightning.” The beer is brewed with 100% fresh ingredients and their blend of different styles make this perfect thirst quenching relief on any hot day or night.

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