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Look Mom! Our EPIC Video Work Shared on TV!

Video Work Shared!

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When our client’s business needed to reinforce its talents, they found the perfect match in Hen’s Bread Productions. We created content back in April 2021 and it caught fire on TV recently when we were featured by this KVUE! We are so happy that our work has been shared with the world. It was a great feeling when we saw our designs on TV, and it gave us even more motivation to keep going! We were hoping for some guidance about how they’d like copy-written material but otherwise this is just incredible feedback from clients who love their products as much or more than we do

Where we meet our Clients

Meeting DJ Chow was a word of mouth referal

We’re excited to be a part of the Austin, TX video production community! We’ve always wanted our work in this city and when we do great things like provide excellent service for clients or create visually appealing content it’s really nice that people will give us referrals. References are one way young businesses succeed so thank you all from supporting us!

DJ Chow has been a good friend of ours for years and we’ve had the pleasure to work with him on more than one occasion. When I first met DJ, he was opening up for Waka Flocka at Moody Theater! It’s not all about being in your comfort zone-it can also mean stepping out into new territory that might be just what you’re looking for too!

DJ chow wrote us a positive google review a year ago, and having our content shared on TV is just a cherry on top!

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Jacob Perkins Owner/Producer
Videographer and Photographer based out in Austin, TX