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Pulse On The Street

What is Pulse on The Street?

The Pulse on the Street is a video series produced by Hen’s Bread Productions for their youtube channel. We inquire about the pulse of the street in Austin; what’s on their mind? Have they heard anything lately?

Why do it?

I think Pulse On The Street is important because it gives us a view of current events from people who are on the ground. There is a Youtube Channel called Channel 5 and I was inspired to create something similar for Austin, TX. I support their Patreon because I think what Channel 5 does is more important for our country because it allows people to express themselves uncensored.


I might not agree with the opinions of the people who make the segment, but I think it’s important to have. When our youtube channel is 15 years old these videos will live on, so, to me, they’re like blips in time capturing the moment.


Also, since it’s a mixture of entertainment and current events people who might not want video production services will subscribe because they enjoy it. Our goal is to create passive income for the business by being able to monetize our youtube channel. We want you to subscribe.

Where will we be next?


Who knows. We have client projects to take care of and right now this is something we do for fun. If it’s been a while in between episodes, believe me, I’m itching to go back out there too. I don’t want to make something to make it, I want there to be purpose and intention. If you’re interested in us documenting your event please contact us.


Jacob Perkins “Owner of Hen’s Bread Productions”

Pulse On The Street
Pulse On The Street

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