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Scouting Location to Shoot Video

Back in late December I went on a trip up to Fort Worth, Texas to be with my family. My grandma’s brother had passed and I wanted to see my grandparents so I made a trip. In order to be a premier, professional, video production company I wanted to also scout a location. The week prior I happen to get an email from Moon River Ranch up in Waco suggesting the property was open to photographers and filmmakers. On my way back from Fort Worth I had driven 20 minutes off the freeway to visit one of the most unique places I have been to. Their staff was super friendly and recently I was given the “okay” to blog about my experience. 

Upon driving up this long dirt road you see a big ol’ field and in that field are zebras! The staff greeted me and was really confident the drive was going to be worth my while. Moon River Ranch did not disappoint! There is a huge land space with enough variety to shoot a whole western film. There was a chapel and a mini hotel in what was created a “mini-Times Square”. I felt like I was in a mix between the movie “There Will Be Blood” and the video game “Red Dead Redemption”. There was no expense to sacrifice authenticity, with its own mini village I found myself blown away by the tour guide saying”and right this way there is….” My experience felt like going to an ice cream shop as a kid as in “There are more flavors than vanilla?!”. I am happy I made the trip to Moon River Ranch because I have there rates and would happily suggest them to any client that can fit it in their budget. I felt like I was in an oasis in Texas and I know I will be back because if I don’t do it for the client, I’ll do it for myself and it will be to tell an amazing video story.

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Jacob Perkins Owner/Producer
Videographer and Photographer based out in Austin, TX