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The running community of Austin is a unique one.

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Whether or not you are a runner, this Austin marathon will affect your community, especially the local business community. From hotels offering discounted rates to restaurants throwing race-day specials, we as citizens and business owners need to support each other. So I am extending a 10% off on any invoice purchase from 02/20/22 until April 30th, 2022! All you have to do is post a photo on Instagram cheering on the crowd, tagging @HensBread and #RunAustin. Then come contact us so we can start planning your project, and let us know in the comments that you’ve participated and what your favorite part was about the Austin Marathon is/was.

Why Our Interest in Austin Marathon?

Austin Marathon means a lot to me because when I first moved to Austin I felt a connection with the roads. I was able to run a fun marathon while participating in Austin’s finest sightseeing! Austin is such a culture rich city and by running the Austin Marathon I was able to line up at the Texas state capitol at 6 am. The start line is invisible electricity. Standing next to a bunch of people that also run Austin to prepare for the finish line festival. The cheering crowds at 7:30 am I felt like an anchorman saying, “Good Morning Austin!”

Wake up On A Sunday Morning

To me, it’s the perfect running event because of Austin’s unique neighborhoods and live music. Who doesn’t want to run the live music capital? It’s been over 10 years since I’ve run the Austin Marathon for the first time. I’ve run the Austin Marathon 4 times and each time I love to run pass iconic landmarks. Austin marathon has a race route that is so incredibly balanced, with a long 2-mile climb up south congress and an unforgettable experience finishing downtown Austin.

Crossing the finish line after running lady bird lake for months in advance, and finishing the Austin half marathon a month before. It’s the perfect downtown finish because it’s the last major race of the season. Being a part of historic congress ave on that day feels like a bond with something that loves you back. Austin Texas has some of the rowdiest cheering communities I’ve experienced. I remember being on mile 15 and seeing a group of people cheering on from a bridge saying, “You can do it!”

The Austin Marathon is a perfect running event because the split between the Austin marathon and the half marathon is so obvious, you see the crazies and the craziers. Don’t get me wrong it’s a fun marathon, but how often do you hear, “Running is fun!” Probably not often. It’s a unique race because being the live music capital of the world it’s like a downtown concert meets a race weekend, and you know there is a beer garden at the end to celebrate in! I love to run Austin, but I especially love the Austin marathon because it’s done so much for me to relate with Austin.

Deep Love

I moved to Austin Texas when I was 18, I had no friends, I don’t know what I wanted in life. But I knew I wanted to run and I wanted to be the best at whatever I did. So when I run Austin, I race people next to me. I enjoy miles put in because they’re earned to take in that downtown finish. That finish line was a light, a goal, something to focus on and accomplish when I didn’t know what else to do.

Runner Gif
Race Medals

Capital of the World

Ascension Seton Austin Marathon does a good job of making sure the runners are taken care of frequently water and goo. They want all the runners to reach the line festival. Because once you finish ascension seton Austin marathon and the Austin half marathon it’s a finish line festival with beer, music, and good food.

Love for the Course

My fiance has run the Austin marathon half then she went on to be a marathon runner. Cheering her on and watching her fight through something that is earned not given gives me goosebumps. In life you want to share your passions with other people and finishing downtown Austin is a feeling we’ll always share. The nasty start of running congress ave, we’ll always know that feeling.

Austin Power Plant

I know how much cheering on means to those runners. The Ascension Seton Austin Marathon is hard, like really hard. When people say, “You Can Do it!” What that does is it pulls you out of a dark place and you tell yourself you can do it. The human species can accomplish so much and when we support each other, I know firsthand the power of it.

February 20 2022

That’s why if you go out and cheer during Ascension Seton Austin Marathon and take a photo of you cheering on runners, I’ll give you 10% off one invoice. This offer expires 4/30/21, but just contact us and get your project on the books. The race is February 20 2022 come support our culture rich city and give back to make someone’s race an unforgettable experience. Austin Marathon weekend is coming up, don’t let the Austin marathon weekend come up without cheering on to go towards a discount towards video production/photography service.

February 20 2022 is a Sunday and the main parts of the course have bad parking. It’s best to view the event details to get a better idea of where to be on the course. As for spectator information I like being in places most people won’t be like UT Tower area, being up by Hyde Park. The full website has everything you’re looking for to be prepared for that Sunday. It’s a beautiful course and you being there is going to make it even more beautiful.

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