Hens Bread – Video Production Service

Hen’s Bread: How to Get Clients, SEO, and Start a Business

On The Open Shutter Live Photography Podcast, Hen’s Bread shares how they get clients, SEO, and start their business. Photography is a competitive field. It takes more than just taking pictures to be successful. You need to find ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. Hen’s Bread has done a great job of this by becoming a full-service photography company. They offer video production and videography services in addition to traditional photography services. This allows them to attract a wider range of clients and provide more value for their services.

Full Team Coverage! ATX Local Wedding Videographer

Wedding Videographer, Austin, TX w/ Live stream and photographer service

Write up and photos detailing who our team was and how happy I am as a business owner to grow in less than a year of operations.

Digital Products Now For Photography Services

Acton Academy in S Austin Brought Hen's Bread Photography Services for their 2020-21 Class

Referral link for $10 off your pixieset subscription which is a must have for photographers. 2 paragraph write up about how a returning client client wanted school photos done and how using pixieset I was able to create a digital product for parents to buy.

Congratulations Grads! Graduation Photos to Capture a Major Milestone

Graduating class of 2020-21 took portrait photography photos Hen's Bread Productions done by Jacob Perkins

Congratulations Grads! We know it was hard, but you hit the finish line, now onto the next one. We were invited to take photos for Melanie’s graduation announcement and we just include a small write-up and a couple photos.

Captured Lightning in a Photo! A Storm Helped Create This Beautiful Photo

First lightning strike caught on camera hens bread productions photography

The story on why this photo means so much to me.

Amigo Booth – Photo Booth Service We Know You’ll Love

Amigo Booth is a premium photo booth service available for your events!

Amigo Booth is a specialized photo booth rental based out of Austin, TX. Intended for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, live events, corporate functions, wedding entertainment, party entertainment, business promotions, quinceaneras, Bar and Bat Mitzvah. One stop shop for your entertainment media requests.

New Born Photography Services Available in Austin, TX

Sadie's 2nd birthday, new born photography Austin, TX done by Jacob Perkins owner of Hen's Bread Productions

What I, as a photographer, enjoy about taking photos is capturing that memory, the glimpse in time and providing that long lasting happiness. Examples of newborn photography with some family shots too.

Product Photography/ Video Commercial Local Production Company in ATX

Product Photography by Jacob Perkins owner of Hen's Bread Productions

Product Photography and Video Commercial work we did for small businesses in the month of May.

Comparison in Flashes (Portrait Photography) – Video Demonstration

Jacob Perkins owner of Hen's Bread Productions demonstrates off camera flash at Zilker Park, TX

A quick comparison video between 2 flashes and how the eVOLV 200 r2 brought our portrait photography to another level.

Scouting Location to Shoot Video

A few photos from my trip to site visit Moon River Ranch in Waco. I have a folder of photos for upon request. I highly recommend this for weddings, corporate outings, and films desired to be made.

“Stunning” Portrait Photo Service Snow Day in Austin, TX

Doesnt snow often in Austin, TX

Just a couple photos of the snow day with a quick video. Emphasis on quality and memories captured on a rare snow day had in Austin, TX.

Vlog Package at Springdale Station, Austin, TX

As an affordable video production services company we will not let that hinder our quality.