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Digital Products Now For Photography Services

Acton Academy in S Austin Brought Hen's Bread Photography Services for their 2020-21 Class

Referral link for $10 off your pixieset subscription which is a must have for photographers. 2 paragraph write up about how a returning client client wanted school photos done and how using pixieset I was able to create a digital product for parents to buy.

Congratulations Grads! Graduation Photos to Capture a Major Milestone

Graduating class of 2020-21 took portrait photography photos Hen's Bread Productions done by Jacob Perkins

Congratulations Grads! We know it was hard, but you hit the finish line, now onto the next one. We were invited to take photos for Melanie’s graduation announcement and we just include a small write-up and a couple photos.

New Born Photography Services Available in Austin, TX

Sadie's 2nd birthday, new born photography Austin, TX done by Jacob Perkins owner of Hen's Bread Productions

What I, as a photographer, enjoy about taking photos is capturing that memory, the glimpse in time and providing that long lasting happiness. Examples of newborn photography with some family shots too.

Comparison in Flashes (Portrait Photography) – Video Demonstration

Jacob Perkins owner of Hen's Bread Productions demonstrates off camera flash at Zilker Park, TX

A quick comparison video between 2 flashes and how the eVOLV 200 r2 brought our portrait photography to another level.

“Stunning” Portrait Photo Service Snow Day in Austin, TX

Doesnt snow often in Austin, TX

Just a couple photos of the snow day with a quick video. Emphasis on quality and memories captured on a rare snow day had in Austin, TX.