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Why I make Free Videos

Top 3 Reasons Why I make Free Videos

When I was pitching the idea of show me pizza to make some videos for them, I knew that it would be a trade. They didn’t have any video content on their website at the time, but now they do. And not just any videos, but testimonies from happy customers and even a banner video on their homepage.

Reason 1

Number 1 reason for doing a free video is Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice. Since I started my business I’ve done a lot of free videos because I know there is something I want to practice before start changing money for. I did live streaming events for a Cypher Sundays series to work the kinks out of live streaming before offering it as a paid service.I’m glad I did because there are a lot of things that can go wrong in a live stream video. I will continue to do free content when a new skillset is desired.

Reason 2

Number 2 reason for doing free videos is building relationships. I’ve done free videos for practice, but if the person you’ve done videos for loves it they’ll tell someone else and that’ll lead to more business. Sometimes that’s how you enter niche markets. Rub shoulders with the crowd you want to be with and you’ll be able to enter new markets.

Reason 3

Number 3 is actually why I made this blog. I like thinking of ways to advertise and market my business. We spend 0 money on advertisement because I know the content I create is good enough to create a following.

In January I called Show Me Pizza on S 1st because they had a billboard sign they had just purchased. I drive by Show Me Pizza multiple times a week and they only other thought I had about them prior is “why is a pizza place next to another pizza place.” Now that they had a sign I could Identify them differently at face value.

I told them I do video production and I wanted to trade space on their sign for videos. After reviewing their website they didn’t have any testimony videos, no promo video, and no videos addressing their audience. In exchange for 2 videos I would get time on their billboard.

Giving them free videos gave me a hilarious amount of enjoyment, work for our portfolio, and an introduction to people I want to associate with.

We will be using the sign for the next 15 months. People will vote on what should go on the sign. This will help us get more people to know about our brand. Someone might call us because they saw our advertisement on the sign of another business.


In Conclusion just because a video is done for free doesn’t mean your value is less. I find value in trades and in other brands and will happily do free videos if it aligns with my interest. But if you do a free video don’t ever forget to show an invoice so the person receiving the free video knows the value they’re getting.

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