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A Tasteful Wedding Videographer Works The Beautiful, Wedding Season

Wedding Videographer

When looking for a wedding videographer we have you covered! Wedding season kept Hen’s Bread Productions busy capturing happy memories a couple will experience. 

This season we were busy! As a matter of fact we live streamed a wedding, flew to California for a destination wedding, and learned a lot from every wedding. Furthermore the experience we gained is only by being “hands on” the job. Similarly we would be happy to capture your special day for a life long memory. 

Our services are available for all types of budgets and requests. Contact us and let’s discuss how Hen’s Bread Productions can make your wedding day easier. 

Wedding Season

Correspondingly we like to coordinate with the wedding photographer prior to the start time to acknowledge our separate responsibilities. Likewise we have yet to come across a relationship where we unable to find middle ground with the photographer. How our team operates is by introducing ourselves. Then turn the cameras on and make sure the precious moments are captured. When I got engaged with my fiance I asked my sister to capture the memory. She hid with a camera and captured the candid moments. Moreover those photos are some of the best photos I’ll ever have and I want to make sure every client has the whole shebang that nothing was missed.

Why we bring 2 cameras minimum for wedding videography is because we want to ensure that the bride and groom are the main focal point for the whole duration. Hen’s Bread Productions has 4 cameras available to be utilized and they are in our wheel house of tools because we want to ensure we are prepared for every unforeseen challenge. Its inevitable challenges will come but Hen’s Bread will be ready for anything

Additionally we’ve talked to clients that don’t have tons of money to spend on a videographer. Identically we’ve worked with clients with big budgets. We won’t judge, just give us a call and we’re excited to hear what you envision.

Wedding videographer
wedding season
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