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A Forecasted Long Life of Love and Happiness: Wedding Videographer

We wish Daleth and Ben a life of love and happiness, married 9/24/21 at “The Mansion” in Austin, TX. When we were called in as the wedding videographer we jumped at the chance to capture their special moment. Additionally we provided a live stream service for their family to view the wedding from states away. After all, being in the digital age it helps spread the love to family who couldn’t make it.


Given that Hen’s Bread booked the wedding a month in advance made communication really important to ensure Daleth and Ben received exactly what their vision was. Together with clear communication we were able to deliver a song of their choice, a social media trailer, and a shorter version to post online. This was all within a 1 day shoot with a live stream setup for family members. 

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Wedding Videographer

Certainly filming a wedding is a huge responsibility and we could not have done it without our newest hire. Clay Kiatta provided vital camera work on camera A. A wedding can be long and draining, but his enthusiasm carried over. In fact we were able to cover the wedding with only a 2 man team and an edit delivered within 3 weeks. Teamwork makes the dream work.


The wedding took place at “The Mansion”, and it is beautiful. Ben was able to tell us he was able to book a full day at the venue for $3,000! To emphasize, this venue is huge! The bride and the groom were able to get ready in their respected areas, get married in the courtyard, and dance in the ballroom. To sum up, Hen’s Bread had a great time working with some great people. We were lucky to be at such a beautiful wedding and given creative control on the final output of the video. When our clients trust us we don’t take that lightly. If interested in viewing the 4k version of the video click here.

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Jacob Perkins Owner/Producer
Videographer and Photographer based out in Austin, TX