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New Equipment We’re Ready to Use On Video Testimonials

New Equipment!

We’re happy to announce quality new equipment able to be utilized for video testimonials. The bounce board was made by our friend Ronnie Sokol “Co-Owner of Amigo Booth”,  and it is an amazing tool to have in our tool kit. When light comes across the face of the subject it washes over all facial features. However with the tool Ronnie made for us we can utilize a bounce board to enhance facial features more subtle in video testimonials and subject interviews.

New Equipment

Made Local by a Local

What makes this product better than bought online is that it is high quality. Ronnie is a skilled carpenter that when I mentioned wanting this tool for Hen’s Bread, he knew how to make it. Provided that I compensated the cost to build the bounce board we started right away. Indeed it did cost me $80 in supplies and because he is a good friend of Hen’s I didn’t need to pay a premium, but even if I had to. Important to realize the product online is made out of foam, it’s $200, and its manufactured by big business. Ronnie is an Austin, TX local with the ability to add on to it as when I see fit. Thus having Ronnie make this product I can have control of the supplies used to build the board. 

What's it look like in Video Testimonials?

By all means….I made a video thanking Ronnie and with it you can see it being used in action.

I'd Be Happy to Recommend Ronnie

Definitely I encourage you to contact our friend Ronnie for building yourself a bounce board. In any event he might be inclined to make you a custom tool needed for your video production requests. With his permission he stated I can share his email here: Ronnie.Sokol@AmigoPhotoBoothTX.com , let him know Jacob from Hen’s Bread Productions recommended you and he’ll try to get you the “Hen’s Friends” rate. Thank you Ronnie! We look forward to utilizing this bounce board for upcoming projects.

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Jacob Perkins Owner/Producer
Videographer and Photographer based out in Austin, TX