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Expanding Market

An Expanding Market, Disc Golf, Love the Camera’s On

 Disc Golf is an expanding market and let me tell you why. When we were offered to do video work for Disc Golf, I thought about what my dad and I did when I was younger. Little did I know, it’s an expanding market. Disc Golf has sincerely impressed us and I want to let you in this upcoming industry boom. 

Disc Golf

For one thing Disc Golf is golf with a frisby, what makes that exciting is the entry point to get in doesn’t require a lot. Parks are free, but do not lack creative designs. And, disc golf is a stress relieving hobby that if your hobby becomes serious there are accessories to be more “pro”. For example, you can bring a backpack with frisbys or you can caddy around the course with a roller case. In the hope of getting your frisby in a chain basket in the lowest amount of tosses possible is the objective. A simple game easy to teach any skill level.


Given that our professional consultant has been in the sport over 20 years, we got a jump start on this optimistic view. While Black Zombie Disc Golf hired Hen’s Bread to live stream the National Amateur Disc Golf Tour on 10/31 , the passion for Disc Golf resinated to us where I see its huge potential. Garin, is the owner of Black Zombie Disc Golf and he let me know how supportive the community is to non-profits and charity. He also let me know how Disc Golf has helped people find a community where they connect with people like themselves. 

Expanding Market

Austin, TX is going to be hosting the National Amateur Disc Golf Tour at the Roy Guerrero Disc Golf course and MetCenter Disc Golf Course. Hen’s Bread is going to be working with Garin and the community he is part of in the ongoing future to help bring his business and the sport to more mainstream appeal. We made an introductory video earlier this week and we will be live streaming the event on Black Zombie’s website 10/31. The video listed below was Garin and I meeting each other and letting the camera record. What we have planned in the future will be more intentional in its message. We’re just building buzz for next weekend. Good luck out there to all the participants!