Hens Bread – Video Production Service

Video Shot and Edited Under 24 Hours

4k video screenshot of "Chainsmokers" 1 minute video shot, edited by Jacob Perkins owner of Hen's Bread Productions

A quick 1 minute video we made for a Chainsmokers event in Austin, TX at the Rio Nightclub all shot and edited under 24 hours. The client wanted the project to be under a minute for easier spread on social media.

DJ Chow Waka Flocka Video Live Music Performance

We’re really proud of this work, because it’s up close, high energy, live concert footage. Our friend DJ Chow put us on the job, here is our “hype” video with free downloadable links to the LUTS we created for the edit.

Video Submission X2 “I Cut So Much You Thought I Was A DJ”

We love to work with other creatives the reason being is because it’s just fun.