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The Future of Video: Understanding Camera to Cloud Technology

Camera to cloud, grab a seat and get ready to have your mind blown.

Camera To Cloud is...Amazing

camera to cloud is video from our camera to the cloud to view/download

Imagine you’re a speaker for SXSW 2024 and you want a clip to be uploaded to social media same day. That’s easy, we coordinate with our video editor or a video editor of your choosing ahead of time and provide access to the footage straight from our frame.io account anywhere in the world.

Previously we’d have to have a production assistant be a SD card runner, or we’d have to put the SD card into the computer to download, then the editor would wait until the computer processed the files before editing. Or we’d film and send the footage to an editor via wetransfer, but it’d have to upload just for the editor to download. That process would make the post production process start 48 hours after filming the event. 

Yes, Camera to Cloud is a Game Changer

In 2023 we received a few high paying job inquiries, but the requirement was they needed to be edited on location. Our workflows at the time weren’t enough to convince these big corporations we could compete with the bigger production companies. 

Those inquires we got last year all had one big hurdle to jump over, “how do we get the footage to an editor seamlessly while continuing to film for the client?” Camera to Cloud allows us to collaborate with video editors all over the world. Recently, Atomos created a piece of hardware titled “Atomos Connect” which allows your camera monitor to  send the video clip to a cloud software frame.io as your filming. 

We plan on offering Camera to Cloud to our customers based off how it’s needed without any additional charge. I like referring to Camera to Cloud as Camera to Customer because each project has it’s own objective. 

Now we have a post production workflow that is flexible to our clients demands, but it also allows cameras to livestream without a computer. 

At Hen’s Bread “Camera to Cloud” might as well be called “Camera to Customer” because we get the files to our customer immediately to use them how they are needed!

Camera to Cloud Insures your Video Content

Our Camera to Customer option is available at no extra charge to our customers. There are limitations of course, but for the majority of work we find that we can offer camera to cloud at no additional cost. 

C2C allows livestreaming straight from camera

Our goal is to make video production a frictionless process for the customer and we believe not only does this benefit video editors, but people who want their content fast.

Camera to Cloud also insures your video is backed up 3 different locations to make sure a reshoot will not be necessary. Since the files are backed up online as we shoot them, they’ll be accessible even if the SD card isn’t able to be uploaded to the computer until the end of day. 


comes with our video production service

Camera to cloud allows our customers options, it speeds up the post production process, and we can livestream without a computer. 

If you are interested in Camera to Cloud and adding it to your project mention “Camera to Cloud” on the phone and we’ll be happy to talk how we can incorporate it into your project.

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