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Hen’s Bread Seeks Talented and Passionate Employees

Hen’s Bread is hiring! Every week we get inquiries from talented and passionate individuals who want to work with us, but many of you don’t know what we’re looking for. In this blog post, I’ll give you a little peak behind the curtains at Hen’s Bread and explain what our needs are and how you can fit in.

You are a good candidate if you are a videographer, gaffer, sound engineer, photographer, and editor. If you are any of those things please keep reading.

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I know you’re interested in the job because you as a creative want more jobs. What I have done at Hen’s Bread besides sharpening my editing and video skills is work on SEO. If you look up videographer Austin or Video Production Austin, we’re one of the top companies to come up. If you’re going to message me and say your day rate is $800 without equipment, I’ll call you when Dell calls.

Right now in order to grow the business I pay contractors a generous hourly rate and I’m looking for people that are passionate about what they do. The overall goal is to work with talent and allow them to grow so you can move on and do your own thing.

I was fortunate enough to work in a “college level video studio” in high school and my teacher allowed us to use the equipment. If it wasn’t for Mr. Walsh allowing me hands on experience I don’t think I’d be where I am now.

Our philosophy at Hen’s Bread is the more you put in, the more you get out. If I see you excessively on your phone you’re not coming back. We all wear Hen’s Bread polos that I provide for you because I want us to work as a team. With that being said, if you’re still here let’s get into it.

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I get the inquiry the most and when I call you back or email you back on the phone I look for if you’re a liability. What do I mean by that? When we film we enter our clients safe space 90% of the time, so that means “yes ma’am, yes sir” that means when a client asks us a video production questions we say “I’ll get you that answer.” I cannot stress this enough. If a client tells you a story of their kid going to college, do some active listening to follow along the story. On set, our client is our most important priority. If I see in anyway you would be a liability to the Hen’s Bread brand you’re not getting a call.

I also ask you to tell me your goals, what do you like to film, where do you want to be. Because I want to help you get there, how I got my start in video is by relationships and I’d like to pick you up instead of knock you down.

At Hen’s Bread I’ve built up the company to supply you with the tools to carry out a job. I will never stop someone from an opportunity because they don’t have very expensive camera equipment. If you’re passionate about filming video I want you here.

Rates: I pay contractors starting $20 an hour, $25 an hour for a full day. Now, depending on how strenuous of the activity I do increase the rate. But a lot of jobs cam b would do is tripod, in the AC, monitoring the frame.

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I don’t expect you to be the best photographer in the world. Photography is subjective, it is your art, it is how you express yourself. What I look for is how will you communicate with clients. A lot of the time people don’t know what to do in photos, they want to feel confident and beautiful. If you can’t give positive reinforcement then you probably won’t be a good fit. We need to be the best customer experience in the Austin.

It seems like everyone picked up a camera during covid, including myself, haha. I would like the photographer to understand setting their white balance and knowing what zebras do. If we do major events you need to be able to rent a 70-200mm or own one, no exceptions. I pay photographers really well and if you show up to an event without your tool kit you’re not getting a call back.

Once the photos are delivered to me I deliver to the client, by hiring you, you agree that Hen’s Bread shares the license of the photos. We need to be able to serve our customer. If this doesn’t sound fair to you that’s quite alright, Austin has a lot of talent out there to pick from.

Rates: For a conference or wedding $600 half day, $900 full day. We strive for 50 edited photos per hour and I like to tell clients they’ll get something within 15 days.

I need to see a project you’ve completed top to bottom and I need two professional recommendations. You need to be on Final Cut Pro, no exceptions. I’ll tell you why, if a client wants to change the font or change the phrase, if I cannot do it with the library file it’s not fair for me to pay you per export. I am an editor and I will respect your time and puzzle making skills.

I want people I don’t want to have to micro manage. You have your story telling abilities, I just want it back in a timely matter.

Rates: $700 minimum, this is what I strive for. I know editors have a lot of value to a team and I want to value you as so. But every project is different, each skillset is different. If you get a call it’s because I believe in you.

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This is our least requested talent we need, but I project in 2023 we’ll be working with projects that require professionals in that field. Drop me a message, give me a call, let me lock your number in my phone and we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

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Jacob Perkins Owner/Producer
Videographer and Photographer based out in Austin, TX