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How to Have A Successful Video with our Post Production

Post Production Blog
Post Production Blog

How to Have A Successful Video with our Post Production

In this blog I do not want to detail the many aspects of post production. I’d like to highlight our post production process collaborating with our clients. Our motto is “Your Brand. Your Story. Our Camera.” Through our workflow we are able to deliver what clients envision.


Lets address the elephant in the room. “Your post production process is $500 per finished minute…!?” and my answer is “Yes.” We provide a frictionless post production process with high quality and quick turnaround. 

We can start the post production service quick because…

We utilize Vimeo review links allowing our clients to provide timestamped notes, easy for updates. In the next paragraph we’re going to show our process with two out of state SXSW clients by showing how we were able to tailor what they wanted. 

Vimeo Review Link

Vimeo review link has been extremely helpful for placing objects at certain timestamps, for providing clips for social media, and working through an edit remotely. 

This workflow requires a little work on the clients end, but by doing so you’re able to create the video you want to make. 

Multiple Videos For Social

Our client Vital had the same goal as The Kelsey to have a video that leads their audience to the full one hour talk. Since it’s two people talking having a conversation, I suggested finding the soundbites they wanted and have multiple videos to share on linkedin.

In addition to using timestamped note like what we did for The Kelsey, I was provided a google doc for the captions, but also was provided a style guide prior to filming. This allowed me to download the font used on their website, have their colors saved for use. Once their notes were placed on what they wanted it was delivered and completed in 7 days. 

Trust our Judgement?

That’s amazing you trust our judgement and would like us to provide what we think would be the best edit. I love the creative process and putting the puzzle piece together. Below we worked with our client Krista Bourne, who had no idea what she ultimately wanted, but after we reviewed the footage we delivered 6 videos for web and social. We delivered a social reel we thought told the story the best. We were able to take a speaking video and make it more interesting by filming prior to walking on stage.

Speaker Showreel

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Jacob Perkins Owner/Producer
Videographer and Photographer based out in Austin, TX

By Jacob Perkins

Videographer and Photographer based out in Austin, TX