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Once upon a time I used to standup comedy and rap my songs written at concerts. A lot of my closest friends are in bands or musicians of some sort. When I saw Tiny Desk videos on youtube years ago I thought to myself I want to do that. This past year I’ve been live streaming with Austin Music Love because I want to combine music with my video production skills. Well now I’d like to offer something that brings me joy and is a great offer for live performers. 

Would you like your live performance filmed?

I would like to offer my video production services to bands looking to have their live performance catalogued. I will come out to you performance in the Austin area to film and edit your performance within a 48 hour timeframe for $899

Why Am Offering this good deal?

As someone who is passionate about live performance I feel like this price is reasonable to bands. Even though this would require 6 hours editing and at least 6 hours filming + prep I think everyone benefits from this. At last nights show we had someone ask if I could stay for their performance, I know there is a need for musicians to get their set recorded. I also get to meet people and venues in a setting I like. 

Live Streaming And Live Performance

Live Streaming performances is great, I still want to do that, but live streaming is expensive because of all the complications that come with it. I can offer a three camera setup for you to share with your fans if you can wait up to 48 hours. I utilize our automated slider for movement, then two cameras on tripods for zoomed in shots and or wide shots. What I am offering is an edit that keeps your viewers engaged with your performance. I just ask you give it your all so the video comes out awesome.

How Can We Get Started?

Personally, I’d like to have time on the calendar to coordinate with the venue. I would like to let them know I’ll take the “out” signal from the mixer to plug into my recorder. Then once we have the time squared away I’ll make sure to be there ready to work. If I can see the venue in advance to anticipate the camera placement that helps. If you have any questions for me please do not hesitate to call or email us. Let’s get your performance on our calendar!

Any Questions?

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Jacob Perkins Owner/Producer
Videographer and Photographer based out in Austin, TX