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Video Transfer Service is Easy, Once You Have The Equipment.

Have you ever thought how nervous driving used to be? Now, after a few years of experience it’s easy as pie. Sometimes things come simple, but need specific equipment to perform an action. In the video world, there are tons of nooks and cranny’s how equipment comes together to form a simple task.

Video Transfer Request

Recently, a youtube law network called in wanting us to record a feed from 1 camera. This particular action has been easily accomplished and more frequently from broadcast professionals. When agreeing to do this odd day job, I needed to buy the equipment to record from a sdi cable feed to SD card. I found one at precision camera Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio HD Plus.

Video Transfer Service

This device is very particular in what it does, but what it does, it does really well. What I wanted to write about in this blog post is how video has odd requests and we at Hen’s Bread Productions are problem solvers. Our experience made choosing what was needed the right choice. This device specializes in recording and monitoring feeds. Where this becomes handy is a dedicated recording device for live streaming and or video transfer services. This device is particular in what it does, but we get enough requests where it’s worth owning.

Having Hen’s Bread Productions work with your broadcast or video transfer service you get a stamp of accountability. Our reviews speak for themselves and we’d like to be your first call for video transfer service in Austin, TX. Call us Today!

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