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Videographer for Hire vs Video Production: Which is Best For Your Project?

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When you set out to make a video, one of the first decisions you have to make is whether to hire a videographer or go with a production company. Both have their pros and cons, and it can be tough to decide which is right for your project. In this post, we’ll break down the differences between videographers and production companies so you can make an informed decision about which is best for you.

What skills do I need for my job? We would answer back what’s the purpose of the project? When we capture the footage we need to best understand what equipment will be needed to produce the final vision. Also how involved in the editing process for the overall videos will you be in. Just like most jobs, there are industry obstacles and video is no different.


Job, Relevant Skills, and Responsible Professional Styling

The Videographer for hire has the skill set to capture footage and work with clients on a more personal level. Whereas production crews have honed their skills over years of working together, understanding how to get the most out of each department.


Videographer Austin TX

Hiring a videographer is great for smaller projects that don’t require a lot of post-production work or specialized equipment. They can help you capture your vision and turn it into a reality without breaking the bank. Videographers are also great for shoots that require lots of interaction with the client, as they often provide creative input and feedback during filming.

Crew Services

Production companies are best suited for larger projects that require more manpower and specialized equipment. Their team will be able to handle all aspects of production, from commercials to brand message videos. The production provides a more thought-out vision for the final project. If you are corporate doing a home page video commercial you’d probably want to worry less about the cost and hire a video production team.

Capturing Media

Our business gets inquiries that require a team. Such as filming corporate videos and these productions require a team because to have that professional online presence there should be preproduction to ensure everyone typically see the project on paper then we create.

A lot of freelance job content online is looking for someone who works a lone, but is an expert at sound, lighting, and professional delivery. To me? When people ask to film a wedding they seem to want one videographer, but I have done weddings with one camera and that should not be what you think you need. There is a balance because live events can be covered by a videographer, but that’s the intended look behind the project, fast paced, can works alone, owns their camera.

Video Production Austin TX

Videography for Intended Videos

We think as videographers we are well suited for live events, documentaries, wedding videos. But if you wanted to make a short films, maybe your short film has cinematic look rather than something that looks like the movie Cloverfield. A cinematographer is an expert at cinematography and that has different strengths. You’re probably not going to hire a cinematography expert for your training videos. When thinking of a videographer you should also think of the final version of your project. Should the videographers hand off the video editing to a media editing expert? If so, that’s two people and you’re looking at hiring a video production team.

Videographers Know Editing Or At Least They Should

Video editing is something that a lot people don’t realize takes a lot of ability and style to be done correctly. Being a videographer that is an expert editor like myself can understand the content direction before working on the timeline. When hiring Hen’s Bread we are talented videographers and a talented production team, best of both worlds. I think a lot of people think videographers should be expert editors too. There is a reason why your friend’s wedding videographer took 4 months to deliver the project, it is probably they’re not as efficient as editors, and or they hired someone else to do it.

What's the quality you want?

We’re going to be able to help you, but most people search for videographers needing a video production team. What we’d like to do is talk about your video and what creative is needed to film your final delivery. Use our expertise as a resource and give us a call we’d be happy to give you a free quote based on your project requirements.

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