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When Videography and Photography Keep Us Busy: A Day in the Life of Austin

Summertime in Austin is always a busy time. With videography and photography projects piling up, it’s essential to get out and enjoy the beautiful city we live in. There’s nothing like getting some fresh air to clear your head and help you focus on your work.

Videography Turn Around Time

What you can expect from Hen’s Bread Productions is a glimpse at your completed project within 15 days. Deadlines are incredibly important to me, the owner, without deadlines we wouldn’t be the highest rated video production company Austin has to offer.

Working around the clock has a different meaning then it did a year ago. Now we are paid what we’re worth and where Hen’s is going you’re gonna want to get in this rocket ship because we’re blasting off. This year we’re working incredible projects that wouldn’t be possible without last summer’s work. We spent 2 weeks filming and 2 months editing, our whole 2021 Summer, working on Gensis’s Drum Major video course. This year we’re working on live stream events, conferences, delivering footage to international companies, and The Original Black’s BBQ 90th birthday celebration. That 90th Blacks video is our greatest documentary project done to date.

All these projects are still delivered in record time, but how we balance our time is by getting outside. Austin is such a beautiful city, that going on a trail hike, or a long winded run, these hour and half moments, pull us away from distractions.

We appreciate your Patience for your Final Video

Look, I know the feeling of opening a gift on Christmas. The unwrapping of something you look forward to is a great feeling. This is what we want you to feel at Hen’s Bread. I know sometimes the delivery is faster, but it’s always worth it. I, the owner, appreciate any grace given to us from the client.

The summer is a hot time, inflation is rising, we understand tensions can be high at this time in our country. When we receive grace and patience from our clients, I really appreciate it. If I had an edit button I’d press it, but each piece is a puzzle thinking how do they mesh together to create a story.

Austin Videographer

How is our Videography Demand?

Our videography requests have not stopped since April, we have serviced 80% new-happy-clients this year. We’ve worked corporate events, fashion video/photography, manage live event audio + visual requests, and I tell people if they are looking for a certain body of work we have it covered. If you’re interested in putting your event on our summer calendar be sure to give us a call today, we’d love to be the company to service you.

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Jacob Perkins Owner/Producer
Videographer and Photographer based out in Austin, TX